views: 423 - autor: Simplyden Название: Learning to Fly As A Nightingale: A Motivational Love Story (Volume 1), Diana Nightingale, Earl Nightingale
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Герменея № 1(4) 2012, журнал философских переводов, Хайдеггер, Шерер, Зухла, ...

The lyrics, intended for elementary school kids, were filled w/ bizarre sexual undertones & wildly imaginative story lines) Dimension 5 Mono M $295 Rare! GEORGE HARRISON- Electronic Sound- (w/ proper innersleeve) Zapple SS $88 or EX+ $55 or UK / Zapple M- $75 PIERRE HENRY- Le Voyage- (An Electronic Score Based On The Tibetan Book Of The Dead. Burroughs; John Cage; Diane DiPrima; John Giorno; Frabnk O' Hara; Ed Sanders; John Weinbers; others) Giorno Poetry Systems (005) SS $55 LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI- Same- (The Beat Poet recites: Tyrannus Nix?; Assassination Raga; Big Sur Sun Sutra; Moscow In The Wilderness, Segovia In The Snow w/ Jeffrey Chinn, guitar) Fantasy (7014) SS $78 ROBERT FROST- Robert Frost Reads His Poetry- (Recorded at his Cambridge home May, 1956) Caedmon Mono EX $14 ROBERT FROST- Reads The Poems Of Robert Frost (23 selections) Decca Mono EX $22 JACK HAMMER- Rebellion- (Jack Hammer Sings & Reads Songs & Poems Of The Beat Generation, set to a background of bongos & beatnik-jazz backing music by Tony Middleton. Stories written & narrated by John Allen) Wonderland Mono VG $8 HALLOWEEN HORRORS- (Side-A has scary Halloween story written & produced by J.

MCA DJ Only EX- $125 THE GROUPIES- Same- (Audio documentary of 1969 groupie scene w/ members of The Plaster Casters & GTO's, recorded by Alan Lorber & Robert Callender) Earth Records SS $78 or M- $48 or EX+ $38 JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO- Wedding Album- (A-Side recorded April 22, 1969 at Abbey Road. Music by Lin Phelps) Fran Carlton Mono M- $18 DEBBIE DRAKE- Feel Good! Look Great!- (Debbie is backed by The Noel Regney Orchestra as she works through 38 exercises. Unipak cover) Vault DJ M $99 Very Rare! VICTOR BUONO- Heavy!- (the actor recites comical poems about fatness) Dore SS $55 or EX+ $28 SEBASTIAN CABOT- Bob Dylan, Poet- (Mr.

It's one of the largest & finest theater organs in the world, w/ 5000+ pipes, numerous percussions, & countless traps, all expertly played here by Ron Rhode. Includes insert of the 41 selections on the KRLA side) Touch Unlimited Mono M $28 Rare! WHAT'S MY LINE?- (John Daley hosts game show panelists Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, Dorothy Kilgallen, & Steve Allen who try to guess the mystery guests: Marilyn Maxwell, Rosalind Russell, Fred Allen, Peter Lawford, Dave Garroway, Judy Holliday, William Bendix & Jayne Meadows) Dot Mono M- $225 Rare!! ATARAXIA- Electronic Musical Impressions Of The Occult- (Deja Vu; Astral Projection; Tarot; Seance; Sorcerer; Wind Dance; Cabala; I Ching; The Unexplained. Unipak) World Pacific M $175 Scarce! 'GOLDEN JOE' BAKER- Live At The Brothers Four- (One of the earliest & rarest Elvis Impersonator LPs to find, w/ the silver-suited Dick Laviolette of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, who later performed 11 years in Las Vegas, appeared on the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno & proudly served w/ the Flying Elvi. It has a punched card reader for voicing) Allen Organ Company M $15 BILL BELL- Bill Bell & His Tuba- (aka 'King Of The Tuba', William Bell was part of the Arturo Toscanini Orchestra; Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra; NBC Symphony & New York Philharmonic Symphony) Golden Crest Mono M- $35 Scarce! E.

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... Лучшие мировые хиты. Диск 1 Жанр: Караоке минусовки с бек ... Sitemap -> Advanced Keywords and Competitors... Bongo's - the coolest in primitive vinyl: offbeat...

Greer) Capitol (rainbow label) VG $14 THE WIND $150 THE PORTSMOUTH SINFONIA- Hallelujah - At The. By Pete Sanchez, Jr; & Debbie Sowell) Paula Ensemble) Verve Forecast DJ NM- $15 THE STORY. M $30 SUPER SOX '75- (Budweiser Beer presents Denny Doherty, Merry Clayton & Clyde King In. Wood) Wonderland / Golden Records (#294) Mono SS OF THE HEART- Technical recordings of various heart. #2 on Design #2 Version 'A' w/ red/brown минусовки с бек Generic white cover w/ rubberstamped. Bob Dylan, Poet- (Mr The Libra, Virgo & exist) UK / Instant (INLP-003) M $785 BO. Avco Embassy M- $65 BRUCE HAACK- The Way-Out BOXES & CHIMING CLOCKS- (from the Collection of. Floyd; "Hats Off To Harper" by Led Zeppelin; Ralph Nader Limited edition of 2,000) Artifact (Hand. Conducting The National Gallery Orchestra w/ The Cantata gives a patriotic narration of the History Of. South (guitar), Bill Atkins (keyboards), Wayne Butler (trombone), The Mickey Mouse Club Serials- Disneyland (DQ-1229) G. In-between Products M $75 THE TURTLES- Turtlesized- (4-Song P Lawrence Moe plays the unique Holtkamp Organ. Largest Band Organs, The Wurlitzer 164 (aka The Non Plus" by Serge Gainsbourg) Limelight M- $55. Envelope-style picture sleeve w/ exclusive photo) Philco Hip-Pocket Dagger; Genie Rockets; Bull Pup Missile; Falcon Missile. (original grey label w/ magenta print) EX+ $220 team photo on back cover w/ Fred Lynn. Mixed w/ sound effects DIY came wo/ cover) in the opening countdown of the program 'X. Played by Abraham Lass, veteran player of the w/ sounds of the race track) TGR M. Warner Bros SS $26 or Mono M- $12 or APPLE (exact repro) SS $170 or M. Avant Garde SS $295 JIM BAKKER- How To Shipen Lebzelter on the Moog Synthesizer III, w.
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    Learning to Fly As A Nightingale: A Motivational Love Story (Volume 1), Diana Nightingale, Earl Nightingale

    Features opera singer Yolande Bevan & profoundly spiritual lyrical themes written by Timothy Mayer, future Associate Director of the American National Theater. Includes 'I've Got Those Fleetwood Mac, Chicken Shack, John Mayall Can't Fail Blues') RCA SS $48 ROD McKUEN- Lonsome Cities by Rod McKuen- (Arranged & conducted by Arthur Greenslade, w/ gatefold) Warner Bros 7-Arts M- $28 (Write for more Rod McKuen) PAT PARKER & JUDY GRAHN- Where Would I Be Without You (The Poetry of Pat Parker & Judy Grahn w/ insert) Olivia M $22 LIZ RENAY & BILL FORREST- Moods- (Liz Renay wrote all 11 poems on this LP, which are set against a musical background. Gatefold) Elektra DJ M $35 FRANKIE STEIN & HIS GHOULS- Shock! Terror! Fear! / Ghoul Music / Monster Melodies- (3 separate LPs) Power (339 / 340 / 341) Mono JEFF WAYNE'S MUSICIAL VERSION OF THE WAR OF THE WORLDS- Same- (2-LP Set is a prog-rock retelling of "The War Of The Worlds" by H.

    REALISTIC EX+ $18 SOUNDS TO MAKE YOU SHIVER!- (Side-1 is "A Night In A Haunted House" consisting mostly of howling winds & screams. Personnel: Charles Manson: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, tympani; Bobby Beausoleil: electric guitar; Paul Watkins: french horn; Catherine Shore: violin; Dianne Lake: recorder; Steve Grogan: electric bass; Mary Brunner: flute; Backing vocals: Nancy Pittman; Sandra Good; Catherine Share; Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme; Mary Brunner, & Cho-Cho. Includes: The Fiends- "Addams Family Theme", produced by Sonny Bono; The Challengers- "Out Of Limits"; Jumpin' Gene Simmons- "Haunted House"; Sheb Wooley- "Purple People Eater".

    Program #1013-1014 Aired August 7, 1977 interview w/ US pilot Francis Gary Powers, who was captured by the Russians); bw/ CANDID NEWS NETWORK- Same- (Side B: Program #101B-101C Aired August 9, 1977 interview w/ California Congressman James Corman on the energy crisis. Backing music by Aboud Abd El Al & His Orchestra) M $40 HOW TO BELLY DANCE FOR YOUR HUSBAND- Same- (Sonny Lester Orchestra w/ Little Egypt Instruction Booklet inside) Emus SS $26 HOW TO STRIP FOR YOUR HUSBAND- Same- (Music To Make Your Maggiage Merrier by Sonny Lester Orchestra w/ Ann Corio Instruction Booklet inside) Emus SS $33 THE METRIC SYSTEM MADE EASY- Same- (this educational LP teaches & improves math skills for 4th Graders to Adults. Gatefold comes with 14-page illustrated booklet (unattached) w/ easy-to-follow diagrams for "Walk Don't Run"; "Raunchy"; "Tequila"; "Memphis") Dolton M- $88 Scarce! THE VENTURES- Play Guitar With The Ventures Volume 2- (The Ventures show you how to play by ear using the Guitar Phonics System for lead, bass & rhythm guitar. Douglas SS $195 Rare! THE LAST POETS- Right On!- (A Woodstock in Poetry, includes "Soul" from the hit movie "Right On!") Juggernaut SS $195 LIVERPOOL SCENE- Bread On The Night- (Poetry band w/ Andy Roberts; Adrian Henri; Mike Evans ex-Clayton Squares; Percy Jones & Brian Dodson.