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Герменея № 1(4) 2012, журнал философских переводов, Хайдеггер, Шерер, Зухла, ...

You act scenes opposite your favorite star) Co-Star (CS-114) EX $22 LES CRANE- Desiderata- (aka Lesley Stein, radio announcer, TV talk show host & pioneer in interactive broadcasting reads the poem, 'Desiderata' as well as prose by Henry David Thoreau; Maxim Gorky; Dorothy L. Enthusiasm", founder of Koscot Interplanetary, Inc) Koscot VG $20 ZIG ZIGLAR- Biscuits, Fleas & Pump Handles- (Zig's the man who made Zigmanship synonymous with Salesmanship) Richland Custom M- $25 LES BAXTER / BILLY MAY- Music Out Of The Moon / Peace Of Mind- (2 10" LPs on one 12" LP: Side-1 is "Music Out Of The Moon" w/ Les Baxter conducting. A Radio Programming Aid that includes Interview & Music) Threshold (THSX-102) DJ Only SS $90 LIBBY TITUS- Inter-Chords / Libby Titus Interview- (On this Limited Promo Only LP, Libby is interviewed by comedian Chevy Chase) Columbia (AS-396) DJ ONLY M $120 PETE Townshend- A Special Record From Pete Townshend & Thunderclap Newman- (PROMO ONLY 1-Sided Radio interview w/ rubber-stamped white cover) Track (PR-160) DJ ONLY M $125 BRIAN WILSON- The Crawdaddy Brian Wilson Interview- (Rare Promo Only 1-Sided LP w/ 23-minute Brian Wilson interview conducted by disc jockey Pete Fornatele of WNEW-FM in NYC, November 24, 1976, released June, 1977) Crawdaddy (6-1977) M $595 JOHNNY & EDGAR WINTER- Discuss Together- (PROMO ONLY Interiew LP) Blue Sky (ASZ-242) M $45 BBI CONCERT BAND SERIES- '74- (High School Marching Band Scores produced under the direction of Bob Lowden & Jerry Nowak, includes interpretations of "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII" by Rick Wakeman; plus songs by The Carpenters; Carly Simon; Helen Reddy ("I Am Woman"), Albert Hammond; Three Dog Night; Isaac Hayes; Scott Joplin & more) Big Bells Incorporated (BBI-100) DJ ONLY M- $28 BAND OF THE IRISH GUARDS- Marching With The Beatles- (John Lennon & Paul McCartney songs arranged by Arthur Wilkinson & conducted by Major C.

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... Лучшие мировые хиты. Диск 1 Жанр: Караоке минусовки с бек ... Sitemap -> Advanced Keywords and Competitors... Bongo's - the coolest in primitive vinyl: offbeat...

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    Learning to Fly As A Nightingale: A Motivational Love Story (Volume 1), Diana Nightingale, Earl Nightingale

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