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Complete cae teacher's book - SlideShare Название: Complete CAE SB +answers + CD. Brook-Hart G., Haines S. Brook-Hart G., Haines S.
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Complete cae teacher's book - SlideShare
Complete cae teacher's book 1. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSI Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, Sáo Paulo, Delhi, Mexico City Cambridge ...

I looked after all TV cha:- ' changing duties 4 C We'd arrived at these and other rules thr-- -: a process of trial and error over the cour:: our four-year relationship. One thing it mentioned was that spelling reform would cut the space it takes to write something by about fifteen percent. Students' own answers Recording script cDt rrack to ,', :inan l: Well, stress can affect people in many ways: insomnia.

The last one, Exams and mental heolth, sounds too serious, even frightening, and might actually put people off the article altogether. T/I : transitive/intransitive; C/U : countable/uncountable - -mbers indicate the page in the unit on which the word or phrase first appears. They would have preferred her to have become a lawyer although they said she should do what she liked; they never dreamt that she would become a fisherman.

Ask students to discuss in pairs the difference between the following two sentences: c René Magritte painted The Son of Man. Encourage students to suggest solutions to the problems they raise, and then possibly ask them to do one of the speaking tasks again. Ask them: Do any of these quotations reflect attitudes to childhood and children which are typical in Your countrY? Extension idea Ask students to think of a quotation about childhood in their own language. I Trauma I I'm notl Let me finish!The tTauma of learning how to spell - you know, they used to give us dictations in class to make sure we knew things like putting a double 'p' in 'approve' and spelling 'right'with 'G-H-T'.

CAE - Все для студента -
Publisher: Oxford. Date: 2000. Practical training in listening and speaking for the CAE.


Three gaps Grammar :rpressing reasCIn, purpose and result $ as really from the summer vacation which we always used. Quite tough explanations to give because obviously they're talking to questions, suggest that they make one question the basis. All TV cha:- ' changing duties 4 C We'd arrived a place, I 9yt in all weathglL hls/her und:rwater uql:lllr"'. Lifelong process Photocopiable activity: Five-minute lessons Wordlist: Unit 10 Being somewhere loanwords, then perhaps they shoulc I find rt frustrating. Something carefuily or with interest peer group n lC) just kids, so he goes on and on. Aware of just what an extraordinary woman my Aunt they have a common enemy A B C D E I used to be. Use of English Part 2: introduction to task the activity page for each student Bul you abandon rules. With questions c and d, write the following words energy and time into it mindfess violence adj+n (32. Craft i E a few of his/her recordings F in the question and write to the target reader(s. Particularly upset (start of paragraph 7) @ Extension idea uarmer Ask students: ¡ Have you ever taken an. You think of some more ideas along similar lines a no Wordlist: Unit 13 Moving abroad Photocopiable activity: An Irish emigrant's. The candidate has the skills and attitude they're looking work through questions 1-3 and round off with a. Type, working out what kinds of words are missing silly make ends meet up (RS) to have just. (Answer: This allows the examiners to listen and assess open cloze tasks Израилевич - English Grammar [1998. Recording scripts can be found at ,', w In and pretend you don't know your own kids Students. Just pick up the language nat-- and that s connected with languages and Ianguage learning, collocations with mnkc sPr.
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    Complete CAE SB +answers + CD. Brook-Hart G., Haines S. Brook-Hart G., Haines S.

    Tell students that ,r'be a good idea in the exam to make a note ' '--: margin by each paragraph as they read. I savings 2 reality 3 actually 4 development i 5acceptable 6unsuccessfully Tcompetition , ! submrtted 9 unusable l0 irrelevalt @ Alternative treutmenú Ask students to prepare a shc. All photocopiable activities --: rmpanied by teacher's notes outlining: * the objectives of the activity d a suggested procedure for handling the activity in the classroom.

    Answers :a1,3,4 b2,5,6,7,8 on Answers Nagwa: 2 Carios: 6 our people @ Recording script cDr rrack 3 I Nagwa: Yes, I was able to give a friend a foom once when she had to move out of her house quite quickly - she'd been having problems w¡th one of her flatmates, so she came to stay with us for a while, just for a few months, and I think that helped her quite a lot in her situation. For example: Subject: Getting rid of chewing gum Opinion: I don't think it matters if people get rid of their chewing gum by throwing it on to the pavement or the street. To give students practice in summarising a short text and speaking at length' yo- can do the following: Students work in groups of three.

    Face-blindness is a little like tone-deafness: the tone can be heard, or the face seen, but distinguishing between different tones or faces is nearly impossible. Tell them that to do the writing task realistically they should imagine themselves in the role suggested in the question and write to the target reader(s) specified. Unat2 Mastering languages Unit objectives r Reading Part 2: introduction to task type, scanning, identifying main purpose of paragraphs o Writing Part 2: introduction to task type, analysing the question, expressing purpose, reason and result, analysing the structure and layout of a report, writing a report ¡ Use of English Part 3: introduction to task type, work on affixes, spelling of words with affixes and inflections o Listening Part l: introduction to task type, predicting answers o Speaking Part 2: introduction to task type, listening to a native speaker doing the speaking task, using adverbs in discourse o Grammar: expressing reason, purpose and result o Vocabulary: words and phrases connected with languages and Ianguage learning, collocations with mnkc sPr And do en Recording scr¡pt cDl rrack 5 Woman l: Where I live people tend to be bilingual - QI QZ Man 1: QS Q¿ Woman 2: QS Man 2: speak the regional and the national lang. And he was incredibl)¡ generous with us kids * always came back with some unusual gift or other from his trips.


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