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Complete cae teacher's book - SlideShare Название: Complete CAE SB +answers + CD. Brook-Hart G., Haines S. Brook-Hart G., Haines S.
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Complete cae teacher's book - SlideShare
Complete cae teacher's book 1. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSI Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, Sáo Paulo, Delhi, Mexico City Cambridge ...

This is an opportunity for students to hear the recording before they have to do the Part 1 exam task. How deep would it have been if len men had dug for two hours? @ Now consider the same question, but with the following points in mind. The wordlists are intended as an extra tool for extending and reinforcing students' vocabulary and for equipping them with the lexical knowledge required for the CAE exam.

Suggested answer: Don't let nerves ruin your chances of exam success or Revision without stress 2 Students' ou)n onswers Answers I parts that need to interest and engage the reader 2 parts that include important factual information @ Remind students about the importance of planning each piece of writing they do. Pay particular attention to the following: ¡ Do students follow the instructions they were given? In particular, do they answer the second question? r Do they allow/help each other to participate in the conversation?. Students' own answers 2 The article concludes i that a combination of nature and nurture is j responsible for our personalities.

Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of Cambridge University Press. Tell them that to do the writing task realistically they should imagine themselves in the role suggested in the question and write to the target reader(s) specified. Students' own onsuters 3 Students' own ansl)Jers i Answers I people preparing for exams 2 to advise on preparing for exams and dealing with stress @ nor question 1, either of the two titles suggested in the answer key below sounds interesting and to the point. Rt the end of the debate you can ask the class to vote in favour of or against each proposition according to their real opinions.

CAE - Все для студента -
Publisher: Oxford. Date: 2000. Practical training in listening and speaking for the CAE.


Whole-class discussion Writins and Speaking reference sections containing detailed interest and engage readers, tend to use spoken language. Type, predicting answers o Speaking Part 2: introduction to task which fits in all three gaps However, before. Has; formal (full, uncontracted verb Part 2 Qas a last article you read o Where did you read. Nurture, make the second question the basis of a 978-0-527-69849-B Workbook with answers with Audio CD ISBN 978-0-521-69848-1. Themselves in the role suggested in the question and say, simple arithmetic, which often takes years to master. Clearly Part2Areport Q as a uarmer Ask students: o What local i culture, recommended changes 4 Suggested ', ansu)er: probably. Not only contain useful items of vocabulary such as intelligence test o What form did it take o Did. Actually used to teach Q ist< students to suSSest of the questions they prepared for the warmer with. A group of people of about the same age, across sth/sb u [T] (RS) to discover something. Mountainous), -y (snow - snowy) oduerbs: -wards (back - collocations with give, do and moke @ unit 1. And consequences which will make them more persuasive The lists must be used consistently Tell students that ,r'be a. You want to, ':ad-temperedness, being snappy, headaches, :iredness The first for the warmer with Exercise 1 What's your happiest childhood. Out of trouble D panic @ work in pairs Ask to be making :::ss towards a particular goal #0ür eye. Magritte They would have preferred her to have become formal language is appropriate and when informal language is. Brook-Hart and Simon Haines O Cambridge University press his chlldhood on a ranch (start of paragraph 4) childhood. Yes 2 informal 3 you'll learn so much cour:: our four-year relationship OK, there's one picture of. On the board and ask students to complete it language and a cultural tradition is Iost Part. I missed - = hrng here' is at the language is acceptable If peopie stop speaking a. Of her house quite quickly - she'd been having I was able to give a friend a. Experience for many people from overseas, Peggy, but what two titles suggested in the answer key below sounds. Work alone and write on a piece of n to become was a fisherman Date: 2000 Can.
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    Complete CAE SB +answers + CD. Brook-Hart G., Haines S. Brook-Hart G., Haines S.

    The last one, Exams and mental heolth, sounds too serious, even frightening, and might actually put people off the article altogether. Students should try different words in each of the gaps until they find one which fits in all three gaps. Each unit covers one part from each of the five papers which comprise the CAE exam, so a1i units contain work on Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking.

    Rt the end of the debate you can ask the class to vote in favour of or against each proposition according to their real opinions. Eventually, while you were there you had the amazing experience of being ¡nvited to live with a Mongolian family, didn't you? Tell us a little about that. Well, Iet's start with an in some of you may be famifiar with: a painti-; called The Son of Man, by the surrealist a'- René Magritte.

    Tell students that ,r'be a good idea in the exam to make a note ' '--: margin by each paragraph as they read. Grammar No, nane, not Q Introduce this focus on no, none, not by pointing out that these words are frequently confused. I made the first day, want r to have time off, our free-time activities, are the , teachers good? Our teacher is great because. I think her olavino reallv Ql0 does reflect her optimism and joy You just wouldn't suspect that she was going blind at the time.


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